Golden Age Toys & Cedar Falls School - Remember When Toy Museum, Historic Village & School

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Toys, Historic Village, Classic Car Museum, and School.

The rich heritage and history of toys comes to life with a guided tour though the Museum where you can experience first hand the wonderful toys you enjoyed as a child.

Toy Museum

  • Over 15,000 antique toys on display.
  • Diorama toy displays.
  • The Headquarter of the Marx Toy Collector's Club where you can purchase newly manufactured toys made from original molds and cast.

Our tours take about 1 hour during which you will travel through a vast array of toy displays featuring working train layouts, western towns, circuses, farm sets, trucks, doll displays, forts, gas stations, model cars, thousands of animal and people figures, and mechanical toys. You will be surprised to see proto types of new toys never released by the former Marx Toy Company including a large Alamo with working cannons, etc.

Within these walls lie some of the world's finest examples of toys from the past including the largest single, on display collection of Marx Toys in the world.

Historic Village

The museum is surrounded by a Circa 1800s village with a pioneer post office, hardware store, general store, dry goods store. There is a fully operational, old fashioned country school from the early 1900s; an authentic old fashioned malt shop from the 1950s with jukebox and an old fashioned pop machine.


Classic Car Museum

Also on site is a recreated 1950s car repair show with car tools and memorabilia, plus antique cars from the 1950s.

Playsets Available for Order

Robert started Wyatt Industries with his wife, Carol, to produce and sell toys and play sets. We sell re-issued toys, manufactured by our parent company, Wyatt Industries of Canton Missouri. We specialize in reproducing old toys from their original molds. Not only can you view those wonderful toys from the past, but once again you can have your very own toys to share with your grandchildren.

Toys and game sets are made to order.
Please inquire about our products for Sale.


Phone: (573) 406-2505

Please Call and Book your Tour today...

Adults $5
Children $3
(must be accompanied by an adult)

*Click on image above for Google map, or call for directions.
Location on GPS may not be accurate.

The museum changes and grows frequently with new additions, so visit often.

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